Dream Building: Side Business Money Guidebook (Instant Download)



If you’ve ever considered starting a side hustle to float more of the life you always dreamed, here’s a necessary first step. This book will guide you on how to determine the right side hustle that’s a great fit for your unique set of knowledge, skills, experiences, and passions and 12 tips for making your side hustle successful.

A side hustle should be something that takes your knowledge, experience, skills, or passions and converts them into a product or service that can help other people. It’s the classic model of people helping people. Except instead of having to stay within certain guidelines determined by someone else, this is your idea, your product, your service, your determined way to get it done. The goal of a side hustle is to bring money into your bank account while you sleep. Whether that’s booking clients 24/7 with a down payment, selling downloadable products, or receiving orders for single-SKU products, a side hustle should be a small amount of effort to bring in the possibility for a lot of money day or night.

This 25-page guidebook is an excellent place to start if you’re considering taking my Dream Building: Side Hustles course, which will take you deeper into the process for how to create a side hustle, implement it, market it, and launch it successfully with informational products, single-sku products, and/or virtual services.

Product must be downloaded within 7 days of purchase or the link will expire.

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