Resume Revamp Package


The Resume Revamp Package includes two resume templates and a guidebook filled with information on how to make your resume stand out and sell yourself as the right candidate for the job.


The Resume Revamp package comes with 2 editable resume templates with 1 cover letter template and a Resume Revamp guidebook.

In this guidebook, you will receive the proven 3-step strategy to revise your resume PLUS:

  • How to make a first impression that sticks through your resume.
  • How to structure an Ideal Resume that will have recruiters calling you to interview.
  • Key Resume Action Words to Use
  • The Top 8 resume pitfalls & how to avoid them so that you’re resume isn’t immediately discarded
  • What you should include in a cover letter to captivate attention. the quick resume checklist


In this package, you get:

2 Resume Templates: Two templates that are easy to plug in your information and be done. One template that is designed on physical appeal so you can bring resumes in interviews or job fairs. The other template is structured to help you get past the bots of the Applicant Tracking System and in front of a recruiter’s eyes if submitting electronically.

1 Cover Letter Template: Plug in your letter and information and be done with this cover letter template.

A 20-Page Resume Revamp Guide which includes:

3-Step Strategy for Creating Your Resume: This three step strategy has proven to work wonders to help you shape your resume so it stands out and you can sell yourself to land your next job.

Quick Resume Checklist: Use this checklist to verify that your resume has all the essential points before applying to a job.

Job Ad Keywords Lesson: Are you picking out the most important keywords in a job ad and using them to help you land the job? If not, this lesson will help you.

ATS-Friendly Tips: Learn what it takes to prevent from automatically getting screened out by the applicant tracking system.

Ideal Resume Tips: We’ll cover what exactly should be included in each of the essential sections of a resume and what recruiters are looking for.

Resume Action Words: A long list of resume action words to help your resume display your achievements in a storytelling approach to grab the hiring manager’s attention.

Top 8 Resume Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them: Make sure your resume isn’t falling into any of these common pitfalls which are instant disqualifiers for many recruiters.

Cover Letter Help: Understand what exactly should be included in a cover letter and how it works together with a resume.


Resume Facts

The average time a recruiter spends on a resume is 5-7 seconds.

The resume is the first impression an applicant makes on a hiring manager, and the one that sticks the longest.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), the electronic application robot receivers, have the ability to immediately eliminate 75% of applicants.

93% of resumes are now sent either through applicant tracking systems or email, making it crucial to know how to break through the first line of defense.


Are you…

Struggling to get your resume past the applicant tracking system?

Questioning why no is calling you for interviews?

Worried that your resume isn’t as competitive as it should be?

Unsure of how to properly market and sell yourself?

Wondering if your resume is outdated from current expectations?


Get noticed with your resume and land the job.




If you can sell yourself through your resume, selling yourself in an interview is easy.




 Will this help for new graduates too?

Yes! There are tips and tricks for every stage of your career throughout the Resume Revamp document.

What if I want someone to rewrite my resume for me?

This is a guide that helps you zero in on the improvements your resume needs to get past the applicant tracking system and make a great first impression to the recruiter. I truly believe as a person who has lived the history of your resume, you are the single best person to write it. If you need 1:1 coaching or want to take part in our incredible Next Level Career Preparation group to get a critique, be sure to check out:

 Isn’t the interview more important than the resume?

Contrary to popular belief, your resume is more important. Once you learn how to sell yourself on your resume, it’s easy to sell yourself in an interview. The resume makes the first impression and it is the one that sticks, long after the interview is over. Your resume is in front of the hiring manager’s eyes the most and the longest. Besides, without a strong resume, the interview won’t follow.

 Can I get interview help?

Yes! For job search and interview help, be sure to check out the Marvel Makers Club offerings:

 Will this help me get my dream job?

It will help you by aligning your resume with the qualifications and requests of your dream job. Pay attention to Step 2 especially. For further help on landing your perfect job, be sure to scope out the Next Level Career Group: