Entrepreneurs Mastermind Exchange

Connecting Entrepreneurs with Financially-Free Resources to Build and Grow Their Business in a Bartering & Education Community

Bartering of Services

Need help growing your business or looking for personal development but don’t have the money to spend? Post a barter request with what you’re looking for and what you can offer in return, then choose from all the members that respond.

Mastermind Education

Receive world-class training for your entrepreneurial and personal development endeavors to reach new heights in your goals and dreams. Together, we have the collective expertise to do anything we desire.


If money wasn’t an obstacle, what would you do with your business?

What if you could get world-class personal development without spending a dime?

How big of an impact in this world could you make if you joined an amazing community of entrepreneurs that supported your biggest dreams?

A mastermind program is one in which there’s a collective exchange of information by people with expertise in a variety of different areas. The purpose is to come together to excel in ALL areas of business by leaning on each other.

This program takes the idea one step further by encouraging bartering between members to exchange knowledge but also to remove the barrier of money in entreprenuer success by exchanging services and products to ensure everyone can have a fair chance at running their business regardless of financial circumstances.

Business Launch #1

Website Designer: $3,000
Facebook Ads Manager: $1,200
Copywriter: $1,600
Marketing Strategist Coach: $5,500
Business Courses: $2,400
Annual Subscriptions: $800

Total: $14,500

Business Launch #2

Website Designer: Barter
Facebook Ads Manager: Barter
Copywriter: Barter
Marketing Strategist Coach: Barter
Business Courses: Barter
Annual Subscriptions: $800

Total: $800

Total savings by using the Mastermind Exchange program: $13,700

Save thousands in business and personal development costs each year by joining a community of creative and business-savvy women who raise each other up by tapping into each other’s strengths and expertise for maximum success.

Money no longer has to be a barrier in elevating your dream.

You can get by on the bare minimum


 you can get more done for your business while spending less in the Mastermind Exchange.

Hit Your Business Goals in a New Way

The main purpose of the mastermind is to provide a new way for entrepreneurs to grow and establish their business and personal development without spending money. It’s a community that helps each other achieve goals, celebrate successes, and become greater every single day to make the greatest impact in our businesses and the world.

Establish Relationships

The membership directory and mastermind community markets your services and products. Whether posting for a barter opportunity or not, members know they can look up other trusted community members to seek what they need.

Grow Your Testimonials

Once an exchange of services has taken place, we will encourage testimonials to be left in order to help build credibility in your business. No more hunting down testimonials and being left empty-handed.

Business & Personal Development Training

 Ongoing world-class education in the membership platform help grow your business and support your personal development goals. We tap into each other’s expertise so we are better together.

What is the Mastermind Exchange?

A positive and uplifting online membership platform that showcases female entreprenuer expertise while providing a safe space for bartering services so we can help each other grow in the ways we need regardless of financial circumstances.


  • Get the services/products/expertise you need in your business and personal development without spending extra money so you can focus on what you love to do without the extra financial stress.


  • Collect testimonials from members to build up your professional credibility when advertising your business outside of the mastermind.


  • Market your services in both a paid and bartering format, so that members have a safe place to turn to when they’re ready to hire someone.


  • Earn extra money through the generous affiliate program simply by inviting others to join in the community.

  • Save thousands ($$$$) of dollars annually through bartering exchanges.


  • Share your knowledge, skills, abilities, experiences and expertise in the education forums.


  • Be supported by caring, business-savvy creative minds who have your back through the rolling highs and lows of entrepreneurship so that you’re set up for success.


Who is the Mastermind Exchange for?

Any female entrepreneurs 0-10 years in their business that can provide services/products to others in exchange for the services/products they need to successfully run their business.

If you desire to be a part of a community filled with women where giving is equal to taking, and who have your back to make sure you succeed, this is for you. 


Examples of Services/Expertise/Products

  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Online Courses.
  • Challenges
  • Workshops
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Advice/Mentiorship
  • Creative Arts
  • Health/Wellness
  • Business Development/Marketing
  • Mindset/Manifestation
  • Technology
  • Theory & Practical Application
  • Apparrel
  • Beauty
  • Promotional
  • Food/Supplements
  • Ideas
  • Education
  • Books

What is The Process Like?

Once you sign up, you will be contacted with 48 hours to fill out a Google Form so that your profile can be built. 

You can post as many bartering requests as you would like.

You must provide one bit of education at least once a year as contribution to the mastermind group in the form of an article, free workshop, interview, etc. 

We are all in this together to learn and achieve all of our business and personal development goals! 

1. Register for membership below.

Two options available: monthly access fee or a one-time payment for lifetime access. 

2. Submit information for your profile.
Once accepted, you will receive a google form to fill out to build your official profile. This will be in the membership directory so people can find you at any point and will also be attached to any posts you make so that others have your credentials when requesting an exchange.
3. Introduce yourself when the forum opens.
Once the platform launches, introduce yourself and give a little background to your knowledge, skills, education and passion.
4. Soak up the provided education.

There will be ongoing world-class business and personal development training and education. Each member will be asked to contribute once a year to either a free training, article, or interview to provide to the rest of the members.

i.e. If a photographer, you may post an article on the top 10 ways to take attractive photos of products.

i.e. If a writer, you may post a free workshop on how to outline your first book.

5. Post a request for barter.
There will be a form you can use to post a request for barter.

i.e. I am looking for a copywriter. In exchange, I can provide 1:1 coaching services.

i.e. I am looking for a website designer. In exchange, I can provide six weeks of yoga instruction.

6 Have fun. Support each other. Succeed!

That’s it! 🙂 

Membership Expectations

Offer a Service/Product/Expertise

You have a service/product/expertise that you can offer to another entrepreneur in exchange for something that could equally benefit you and/or your business.

A membership directory will also be available so your information is listed for those looking to simply purchase someone’s products/service/expertise. But the bartering system gives people a chance to build their business without needing the immediate funds to do so.


Once per annual membership, you will provide a free bit of education to the platform, whether that’s in form of an article, course, workshop, challenge, interview, etc. You can offer one as much as you would like, but at least one is required annually. All will be scheduled by the membership committee, so our members are not overwhelmed and can properly absorb the education offered.

Positivity, Support, Encouragement

If you have bartered, we encourage you to leave a testimonial for the person you worked with so we can all build our businesses.

We are to build each other up, to help each other grow, and we do that by offering positivity and solutions to roadblocks.

Register for membership using the payment form below.


$9.99/month or $99 for a lifetime subscription. 


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