Marvel Makers Courses

Marvel Makers Courses

Interested in One-on-One Coaching?

Rediscover and refocus your self, passion, and purpose.

Career Advancement

<strong>2020 Writing Mom Group Coaching Program</strong>
Next Level Career Preparation

If you want resume, job search, interviewing, and career advancement assistance without the 1:1 coaching prices, join the Next Level Career Group, launching February 15th, 2020.

Resume Revamp Guide
Resume Revamp Guide

Editable resume templates plus a detailed 20-page guide on how to revamp your resume in 3 steps plus get it past the applicant tracking systems and into a recruiter’s hands to land your next job.


Dream Building:<br>Side Business Money (PWYW)
Dream Building:
Side Business Money

In this self-study course, you’ll receive six weeks of step-by-step guidance for crafting the perfect side business idea tailored to your strengths and build it from the ground up so you can make money while working from home in a business you’re passionate about.

Goal Setting & Time Management Bootcamp<br>(PWYW)
Goal Setting & Time Management Bootcamp

Don’t feel like you have time to start a business? To workout? To reach any of your goals? 
This program will change your mindset on goal setting, time management, and how to get exactly what you want out of life without being spread too thin. 

You can also tune in to my YouTube Channel and Podcast for additional support and encouragement.

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